What is a raspberry pi servo hat?

what is Servo Hat

In the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), there are many different types of devices and components that work together to create a seamless network of connected devices. One such component is the Servo Hat.


A Servo Hat is a small circuit board that is used to control Servo Motors. A Servo Motor is a type of motor that can rotate to a specific angle, rather than continuously spinning like a regular motor. People use servo motors in a variety of applications, including robotics, automation, and control systems.

The Servo Hat is designed to make it easy to control multiple Servo Motors using a single board. It typically consists of a small microcontroller, such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, and several Servo Motor connectors. The microcontroller sends signals to the Servo Motors, telling them how much to rotate and in which direction.

How does a raspberry pi servo hat work?

A Servo Hat works by sending electrical signals to the Servo Motors. These signals are in the form of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signals, which are used to control the speed and direction of the motor’s rotation. The Servo Hat takes care of all the signal generation and timing, so the user can simply send commands to the microcontroller to control the Servo Motors.

The Servo Hat is typically connected to a computer or other IoT device using a standard interface, such as USB or Ethernet. The user can then send commands to the microcontroller using software or a programming language such as Python or C++.

Applications of Servo Hats in IoT


Robotics applications commonly use servo motors due to their precise control and ability to rotate to a specific angle. A raspberry pi servo hat can control multiple servo motors in a robot, enabling more complex movements and behaviors.

Home Automation

Servo Hats can be used in home automation systems to control things like blinds, curtains, and doors. By attaching Servo Motors to these devices, the user can control them remotely using a smartphone or other IoT device.

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation applications commonly use servo motors due to their precision and reliability. A servo hat can control multiple servo motors in a manufacturing system, enabling precise control of machines and processes.


It works by sending electrical signals to the motors, allowing for precise control of their rotation. Servo Hats have many different applications in IoT, including robotics, home automation, and industrial automation.

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