What is Process Builder in Salesforce?

Process builder

Process Builder is a visual tool in Salesforce that allows administrators and developers to automate business processes and workflows by creating custom actions without the need for code. It provides users with a simple drag-and-drop interface to define the triggering criteria and the actions that should occur when the criteria are met.

Companies can use it to automate a wide variety of business processes, such as updating fields on a record, creating a new record, sending an email, posting to Chatter, or calling an Apex method. It supports complex logic with multiple conditions, and can even call other processes or flows.

It is a powerful tool that helps organizations streamline their workflows and improve their efficiency by reducing the amount of manual work required. People widely use it in Salesforce to automate business processes and improve productivity.

Difference between process builder and workflow

Process Builder and Workflow are both tools in Salesforce that allow administrators and developers to automate business processes and workflows, and to know more about workflow please click What is Workflow in Salesforce? , also there are some differences between the two.

User Interface:

The platform enables users to define the criteria for triggering a process and also to specify the actions to be taken when the criteria are met, using a visual interface. Without the need for code, the visual interface provided by the workflow also limits what can be accomplished.


Process Builder is more flexible than Workflow in terms of the types of actions that can be taken. For example, it can call Apex code, create records for related objects, and update multiple records at once. Workflow is more limited in terms of what can be accomplished without the need for code.


Process Builder supports complex logic with multiple conditions and can evaluate records based on their related records as well. Workflow supports basic logic with simple conditions.

Record Updates:

Process Builder allows administrators to make updates to multiple fields on a single record or on related records, while Workflow can only update one field at a time.


Process Builder provides a debug log that allows administrators to troubleshoot issues with their processes, while Workflow does not have this feature.

In summary, Process Builder is a more powerful and flexible tool than Workflow, but it requires more knowledge and experience to use effectively. Workflow is more limited in terms of its capabilities, but it is easier to learn and use for simple tasks.

Actions Performed in Process builder

Process Builder in Salesforce allows administrators and developers to automate business processes by creating custom actions without the need for code.

The following are some of the actions that can be performed using Process Builder:

  1. Create Records: It can create a new record in any object in Salesforce. For example, The system can create a new task for the sales representative to follow up with the customer when they create a new opportunity.
  2. Update Records: It can update fields on a record or on related records. For example, The sales representative who worked on the lead can update the account owner field when they convert the lead to an account.
  3. Send Email: It can send an email to a specified recipient. For example, The system can automatically send an email to inform the customer that their case has been resolved when closing it.
  4. Post to Chatter: It can post a message to a Chatter feed. For example, Process Builder can post a message to the Chatter feed to notify the sales team when someone creates a new opportunity.
  5. Call Apex Methods: A user can call an Apex method, which enables the execution of more complex business logic. For instance, upon converting a lead, the system can call an Apex method to perform additional validation on the converted account.
  6. Submit for Approval: It can submit a record for approval. For example, when created, the opportunity can be approved by the sales manager.

Process Builder in Salesforce enables users to perform a variety of actions. With the flexibility and power of Process Builder, there are endless possibilities for automating business processes and improving efficiency.

How to create a process builder flow

Here are the steps to create a flow in Salesforce:

  1. Navigate to the Setup in Salesforce and search for “process builder”.
  2. Click on the “Process Builder” tab and then click on the “New” button.
    process builder
  3. Give your Process Builder flow a name and description that accurately describe the flow’s purpose.Create process builder
  4. Under the “Set Conditions” section, define the criteria that will trigger the flow. You can specify multiple conditions and add filter logic to determine when the flow should execute.salesforce-process-builder
  5. Under the “Add Action” section, select the type of action you want to perform, such as “Create a Record,” “Update Records,” “Post to Chatter,” or “Send Email.” Configure the action with the necessary details, such as the object to update or the email recipients.
  6. Add any additional actions as needed, such as calling an Apex method or submitting a record for approval.
  7. Click “Save” to save the flow.

The Process Builder flow will automatically start executing when it meets the criteria specified in the “Set Conditions” section. You can test the flow to ensure it’s working as expected and make any necessary adjustments as needed. It is a powerful tool that can help you automate complex business processes in Salesforce without writing code.

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