What are Shipping methods in Commerce Cloud?

shippment in sfcc

The choice of shipping methods in Commerce Cloud depends on various factors such as speed of delivery, cost, size and weight of the shipment, and the distance it needs to travel.

Shipping methods refer to the different modes of transportation used to deliver packages or goods from one place to another. Some common shipping methods include:

  1. Ground shipping
  2. Air shipping
  3. Sea shipping
  4. Express shipping
  5. Same-day delivery
  6. International shipping
  7. Freight shipping

Shipping methods in commerce cloud

In Salesforce Commerce Cloud, shipping method refer to the options that merchants can offer their customers for the delivery of their orders. Some of the common shipping method available in Commerce Cloud include:

  1. Flat rate shipping
  2. Free shipping
  3. Weight-based shipping
  4. Zone-based shipping
  5. Carrier-calculated shipping

Merchants can set up these shipping methods based on their business requirements and the shipping carriers they use.

For example, they can configure flat rate shipping to charge a fixed amount for delivery, regardless of the destination, weight, or size of the shipment.
Commerce Cloud provides an interface for merchants to set up and manage their shipping methods, and integrates with various shipping carriers to obtain shipping rates in real-time.

Configure shipping method in commerce cloud

To configure a shipping method in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Commerce Cloud back-end
  2. Go to the “Orders & Shipping” section
  3. Click on the “Shipping Methods” tab
  4. Click on the “New Shipping Method” button
  5. Fill in the necessary information, such as the method name, carrier, and delivery speed
  6. Select the appropriate shipping method type (e.g. Flat Rate, Weight-Based, Zone-Based, etc.)
  7. Configure the shipping method options, such as the shipping rate, delivery time, shipping zones, etc.
  8. Save the shipping method by clicking the “Save” button

It’s important to note that the exact steps to configure a shipping method in Commerce Cloud may vary depending on your specific setup and version.

Configure Shipping method in commerce cloud at developer end

To configure a shipping method in Salesforce Commerce Cloud as a developer, you can use the SFCC APIs to programmatically set up and manage shipping methods. Here are the general steps to do this:

  1. Authenticate to the SFCC API using OAuth or API key-based authentication.
  2. Send a POST request to the SFCC API endpoint to create a new shipping method. You’ll need to specify the method type, such as flat rate or weight-based, and provide other relevant details such as the shipping rate, delivery time, and shipping zones.
  3. Use the SFCC API to retrieve a list of existing shipping methods, update an existing shipping method, or delete a shipping method.
curl -X POST \
  https://{host}/{site-id}/{endpoint}/shipping-methods \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer {access_token}' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
  "type": "flat-rate",
  "shippingRate": 10,
  "name": "Flat Rate Shipping"

You should consult the SFCC API documentation for the latest information on how to configure shipping methods.

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