Validation Rules in salesforce

Validation Rules

Validation Rules in Salesforce are a way to ensure data quality and enforce specific business logic when a record is being saved. The system uses them to check the values entered in a record against certain criteria and prevent users from saving records with invalid or incomplete data.

Salesforce applies validation rules to both standard and custom objects. You can use them to check for required fields, validate field values, compare fields against each other, and perform complex checks based on formula logic.

When a user tries to save a record in Salesforce, the system checks whether the data in the record meets the criteria specified in any active validation rules. When the data does not meet the criteria, the system displays an error message and prevents the user from saving the record until they correct the errors.

Validation Rules help maintain data accuracy and consistency in Salesforce, reduce data entry errors, and ensure that business processes are followed correctly. Administrators create and manage them, and can edit or deactivate them as needed.

How to create a validation rule?

When saving a record, Salesforce enforces specific business logic or data quality requirements through the use of validation rules. You can apply validation rules to both standard and custom objects and use them to check field values, compare fields, and ensure data completeness.

Here are the steps to create a validation rule in Salesforce:

  1. Log in to your Salesforce account as an administrator or a user with appropriate permissions.
  2. Navigate to the Object Manager by clicking on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and selecting “Setup.”
  3. In the Quick Find box, type “Object Manager” and select it from the results.object manager
  4. Select the object for which you want to create a validation rule.
  5. Click on the “Validation Rules” tab.
    validation rule
  6. Click on the “New” button.
  7. Enter a name and description for the validation rule.Enter details
  8. Specify the criteria that will trigger the validation rule, such as when a field contains a specific value or when multiple fields have conflicting values.Formula
  9. Define the error message that will be displayed to users if the validation rule is triggered.error message
  10. Test the validation rule using the “Check Syntax” button.
  11. Activate the validation rule to make it active. And click on the save button.Save rule

Salesforce enforces a validation rule that you create whenever a user attempts to save a record that matches the specified criteria. When the validation rule triggers, Salesforce will display the error message defined by you to the user, and the system will not save the record until the user corrects the error. Validation rules can help ensure data accuracy and consistency in your Salesforce org.

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