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Datorama is a cloud-based marketing intelligence platform designed to help companies collect, organize, and analyze marketing data from multiple sources. With Datorama, companies can get a unified view of their marketing performance, identify trends and opportunities, and make informed decisions.

It integrates with a wide range of marketing tools and data sources, including advertising platforms, analytics tools, CRMs, and social media networks, to provide a single source of truth for all marketing data. The platform also offers advanced analytics capabilities, such as machine learning, predictive modeling, and natural language processing, to help companies uncover new insights and opportunities.

It is used by a wide range of companies, from small businesses to large enterprises, to help improve their marketing performance, increase efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage. Some of the key features of Datorama include data ingestion and integration, data visualization and reporting, real-time data analysis, collaboration, and workflow management.

History Of Datorama

Datorama is a marketing intelligence platform founded in 2012 by Ran Sarig and Efi Cohen. The company was headquartered in New York City, with additional offices around the world. Datorama’s initial focus was on data integration, helping marketers to connect and unify their data from various sources.

Over the years, Datorama has expanded its capabilities to include real-time analytics, machine learning, and AI-driven insights. The company’s platform is now used by thousands of brands and agencies across a range of industries, including Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Foursquare.

In 2018, Salesforce, the cloud-based software company, acquired Datorama for a reported $800 million. Today, Datorama is part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, providing a powerful marketing analytics solution for Salesforce’s customers.

Use of Datorama

Some of the key use cases for Datorama include:

Data Integration:

It is used to bring together data from various marketing sources into a single platform, enabling users to get a unified view of their marketing data.

Data Visualization:

It provides a suite of data visualization tools that allow users to easily create custom dashboards and reports, making it easy to identify trends and insights in their marketing data.

Data Insights:

It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to identify patterns and trends in marketing data, providing users with valuable insights that can help inform their marketing decisions.

Data Governance:

It provides a set of data governance tools to help organizations manage and control access to their marketing data, ensuring that data is accurate, up-to-date, and secure.

Data Sharing:

It enables users to easily share their marketing data and insights with stakeholders, allowing teams to collaborate and make informed decisions.

These are just a few examples of the many ways that Datorama is used. By providing a centralized platform for managing and analyzing marketing data, Datorama helps organizations make informed decisions and achieve better marketing outcomes.

Datorama in Salesforce

It is a marketing analytics platform that is now part of Salesforce, a leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software. In 2018, Salesforce acquired Datorama, and since then, Datorama has been integrated into the Salesforce platform.

As a part of Salesforce, Datorama complements the existing marketing and sales automation capabilities of Salesforce. It provides a range of marketing analytics features that can help businesses analyze their marketing data and gain insights into their marketing performance. With Datorama, businesses can integrate data from various sources, including social media, email marketing, and web analytics, among others. They can then use Datorama’s visualization and reporting tools to create custom dashboards and reports to track marketing performance.

The integration of Datorama with Salesforce also allows businesses to leverage the power of Salesforce’s AI-powered Einstein Analytics, which provides advanced analytics capabilities for businesses. By integrating Datorama with Salesforce, businesses can gain a complete view of their customer data, including both marketing and sales data, which can help them make more informed decisions and improve their overall business performance.

In summary, Datorama and Salesforce are connected through their integration, which enables businesses to combine the power of marketing analytics with the leading CRM platform. This integration helps businesses gain a complete view of their customer data, which can improve their decision-making capabilities and help them drive more business success.

How Datorama helps in marketing?

Datorama is a marketing intelligence platform that helps improve marketing by providing real-time insights and analytics across multiple channels and data sources. It allows marketers to consolidate, visualize, and analyze their data to make more informed decisions about their marketing strategies, optimize their campaigns, and measure their ROI. It also enables automation and collaboration, which can lead to more efficient workflows and better alignment between marketing and other departments. Overall, it helps marketers to be more data-driven, agile, and effective in their campaigns.

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