GitHub tips and tricks

10 Best Tricks of GitHub

GitHub is one of the most popular and widely used platforms for software developers, project managers, and anyone who is interested in open-source software development. It provides a host of features and tools that make it easy to collaborate on projects, share code, and manage workflow.

GitHub tips and tricks

Keyboard shortcuts

it offers a wide range of keyboard shortcuts that can help you to navigate the platform faster and more efficiently. Some of the most useful shortcuts include:

  • G + P: Opens the “Pull requests” page.
  • G + I: Opens the “Issues” page.
  • T: Opens the file finder.
  • L: Toggle between a list and a card view of repositories.

GitHub Pages

its Pages is a free service that allows you to host a static website on GitHub. This is a great way to showcase your portfolio, share your knowledge, or host a blog. To get started, simply create a new repository with the name of your choice and enable GitHub Pages in the repository settings.

Git aliases

Git aliases are shortcuts that you can use to simplify your workflow when working with Git. You can create an alias for any Git command by adding it to your Git configuration file. For example, you can create an alias for “git commit” by adding the following line to your configuration file:

  ci = commit

Git submodules

Git submodules allow you to include one Git repository inside another. This is useful when you want to use a third-party library or tool in your project. To add a submodule to your project, use the following command:

git submodule add <repository URL> <path>

GitHub CLI

Its CLI is a command-line tool that allows you to interact with GitHub from your terminal. This tool makes it easy to create issues, pull requests, and even merge pull requests without leaving your terminal.

GitHub Actions

Its Actions is a powerful tool that allows you to automate your workflow on GitHub. You can create custom workflows that run automatically when certain events occur, such as a pull request being opened or a commit being pushed.

GitHub Templates

Its Templates allow you to create a template for your repository that includes default files and settings. This is useful when you want to ensure that all contributors to your project follow a certain structure or guidelines.

GitHub Security

Security provides a range of tools and features that help you to keep your code secure. You can enable features such as branch protection rules, vulnerability alerts, and dependency insights to keep your code safe from threats.

Code Reviews

Code reviews are an important part of any software development workflow. Its makes it easy to review code and provide feedback using pull requests. You can use tools such as Reviewable to make the process even more efficient.

GitHub Marketplace

GitHub Marketplace is a marketplace for tools and services that integrate with GitHub. You can find a wide range of tools that can help you to automate your workflow, improve your code quality, and more.

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