8 Powerful Reasons Why To Choose Salesforce for Your Business

August 23, 2023


In this post, we discuss Why To choose Salesforce among others. What makes it too attractive to any business? It's self-identity and many more things. Let's start!

Let's check what the stats say about Salesforce

If we look at the statistics of Salesforce, we find that there are over 150,000 customers in the world of this giant CRM company. 
Salesforce achieved revenue of $ 24.98 billion in 2021, and $30.29 billion in 2022, and its current revenue for 2023 is about $32.18 billion. 
It is operated by more than 22.9% of the total number of businesses that exist in the world. However, it's tough for competitors as they are at 5.8% (Microsoft), 5.1% (Oracle), 4.7% (SAP), and 3.6% (Adobe) of the CRM market. 
These are some outstanding stats that depict the unreal dominance of Salesforce. 
These stats show the growth that any business model seeks, and they've no choices other than this (salesforce).


Easy to use & its availability

Salesforce is a very sorted software that brings connectivity between the company and its clients. It is like visiting a website and getting to interact with your team and connect with them whenever you want. 
It's easier in Salesforce to design customization. Because of this tracking deals procedures and managing workflows becomes more convenient for users. 
And also its availability is the foremost reason to choose this as a CRM software. It's a cloud-based system that makes sure of its availability and is also suitable for clients that's why we should choose Salesforce

Ensures Security with Salesforce

Many businesses are concerned about how CRM software uses their data, what policies that software has, and many other things about privacy. 
Salesforce emerges as a very reliable source for these businesses. It gives freedom from concerns like data security so that companies think about innovation and creativity. 
This benefit is the most important part of why people consider Salesforce for their corporations. 

Promotes Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In this era of AI, we can't avoid this important feature that Salesforce delivers. They've their AI tool named Einstein Analytics, which helps businesses to gather and uncover insights, and makes predictions according to purchasers' behavior. 
With AI we all know things become very easier to understand and also it saves time as well. Einstein Analytics, an AI tool of their CRM software is a vital factor in choosing Salesforce over anything else.

One Platform For All

The data of customers and the overall view of the company's sales department & marketing tactics are in one place, which helps businesses to create infrastructure very straightforwardly.
This whole process is under Salesforce's multitenant program. 
This program set the pace of businesses and made workflow very smooth. Overall it manages customer data and tracks the purchaser's behavior at the very same time. 

Well-Structured Reporting in Salesforce

It gives a detailed view of the customer's data and information. It has various types of tools that help businesses to implement it. Properly organized reporting always be there for businesses for nourishing their business needs. The significant aspect of reporting is reviewing the data of clients and giving a 360°view of their users. This feature is a vital factor in considering Salesforce as CRM software. 

Accessible In Mobile

With its Salesforce Mobile App, users get all the information that they require. This benefits flexibility to do work, and collaborate with colleagues whenever they want. It requires just your smartphone & internet connection to function. With this, they can have personalized experiences and increase engagement. 

Fantastic Tools For Marketing Strategies

Salesforce has some tremendous tools for enhancing marketing tactics. To tackle the marketplace it's important to have a level of marketing strategy that defies all odds. In marketing, companies run Ad Campaigns, lead management, contact management, and many such things for the stability of the business. Some important features like social media integration & email integration make these marketing tools more efficient to do further things. With this in mind, we can't ignore its additional feature as it estimates ROI (Return On Investment) as well.  Thus, marketing tools like this are a boon for its customers. That's why they prefer Salesforce again and again.  

One of the most successful & innovative companies. (And increasing day after day). 

We are all very well introduced to its popularity and success in its field. It's been No.1 in CRM software for decades and it is much more likely to be continued. Many popular websites like Forbes have mentioned it as the most innovative company in the world. The dominance of this giant CRM company is unbelievable for sure. And it continues to be able to get more amazing achievements. 

Some outstanding achievements of Salesforce such as : 

They won the 2022 Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partner Award. 

They won the 2022 Salesforce Partner Award - in Japan. 

They won the 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award. 

They also won the 2021 Salesforce Sales Excellence Partner Award. 

There are many more awards they have won such as Bolty Award 2019 Greatest Place To Work in various countries in the world. 
Now having this kind of record and unmatchable legacy is enough to describe any company's success. 

Conclusion - Why to choose Salesforce

It's high time to conclude this post as we already have fallen in love with Salesforce. We talked about why Salesforce is so famous among people.  
We've seen some sensational explanations during this post and also some important aspects of businesses. End up with some exceptional accomplishments of Salesforce that attract anyone's attention. Isn't it? Now with this thought, I finish things off for this article. Hope you enjoy it! and find the conclusion or reason for why to choose Salesforce

Any suggestions for us, feel comfortable in the comment section. It is very insightful for us. 

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