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December 9


Midjourney, a popular AI Text-to-Image creation utility, has gained sizeable recognition amongst thousands of users internationally. Since its inception in March 2022, Midjourney has developed considerably, introducing various versions with improved functions and abilities. In this comprehensive evaluation, you can delve into the different Midjourney versions, evaluating their features to decide which midjourney version is best.

Midjourney Version 1 


Early adopters of Midjourney Version 1, who possessed advanced skills, were pleasantly surprised by its capabilities. Despite the gritty artefacts and restricted management over element enhancement, the platform showcased the ability of generative AI. Many users had been intrigued by the compositions generated by using Version 1, despite the fact that they won't have matched their actual expectancies. The tremendous reception of Version 1 made way for the succeeding iterations of Midjourney.

which midjourney version is best

Source: https://weirdwonderfulai.art/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/prompt1-v1-sample1.jpg

Midjourney Version 2 

The Midjourney version 2 is another iteration of the original version but with updated features. The image compositions became more coherent and recognizable with the text. This version adds more details to the generated image producing a high-resolution version. Nevertheless, the version had certain drawbacks like producing gritty images. The users wanted more features that let them control specific parameters to make the image appear clearer and add some softness. 

which midjourney version is best

Source: https://weirdwonderfulai.art/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/prompt2-v1-sample1.jpg

Midjourney Version 3  

Midjourney Version Three marked a turning point in the platform's improvement, addressing some of the concerns raised by using customers in previous variations. The introduction of Light Upscale supplied users with the capability to generate clearer and extra visually appealing pictures with decreased artefacts. Users liked the improved management over stylization and lavishness, which allowed them to achieve their preferred visible results.

which midjourney version is best

Source: https://weirdwonderfulai.art/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/prompt2-v2-sample2.jpg

Midjourney Version 4  

As an alpha release, Midjourney Version 4 showcased promising improvements in AI modeling. So, users who were wondering which midjourney version is best, will find the Midjourney version 4 to be a versatile option. Users who had the opportunity to explore the competencies of Version 4 were inspired by the substantial know-how exhibited by means of the AI version, resulting in very specified and visually beautiful photographs. However, there is limited scaling capability and potential for similar refinement as users eagerly expect future updates.

which midjourney version is best

Source: https://weirdwonderfulai.art/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/prompt2-v4-sample3-upscale.jpg

Steps To Get Started With Midjourney

  • Step 1- Sign up and register to create a free Discord account. 
  • Step 2- After registering with your Discord account, set it up and run. Head to the Midjourney website and choose the “join the Beta” option. You will receive an invitation to the Midjourney Discord channel and on accepting it, you will get access to the Midjourney server. 
which midjourney version is best
  • Step 3- Choose your preferred Midjourney plan from the three subscription tiers, such as - Basin, Standard, Pro, and Mega Plan. 
  • Step 4- Once you have subscribed to a plan you can now start generating your images. As a paid user, you can send the prompts to the Midjourney discord bot directly. It will be visible only on the member’s gallery. You must subscribe to the pro plan if you want to generate private images. However, if you are not ready to be a paid user, you can start to create prompts from the newbie channels too. 
which midjourney version is best

Comparative Analysis of Midjourney Versions

Certainly, here's a simplified comparison of different Midjourney versions:

Midjourney VersionStrengthsWeaknesses
Version 1 (Early Stage)- Showed AI's potential<br>- Created interesting images- Images had some issues<br>- Limited control
Version 2 (Improvements)- Made images more recognizable<br>- Higher-quality output- Still had some image problems<br>- Users wanted more control
Version 3 (Big Improvement)- Created clearer images<br>- Gave users more control- No significant issues
Version 4 (Alpha Release)- Big improvements in AI<br>- Highly detailed images- Limited in some ways<br>- Needs more refinement

control versionhe best version for you depends on what you need. Each version has its strengths and weaknesses, so it's about finding the one that suits your specific preferences and requirements for creating images from text prompts.

Wrapping Up

 Each Midjourney model has added vast enhancements to the platform, enhancing the abilities of generative AI inside the realm of text-to-photograph creation. While Version 1 added users to the opportunities of AI-generated artwork, subsequent iterations, like Version 3 and Version 4, showcased advancements on top of things, detail enhancement, and average photo quality.

Considering the strengths and weaknesses of each model, it's far too complex to decide which Midjourney version is available in high quality. The preference, in the end, depends on the unique requirements and alternatives of the users. So, you may ask which midjourney version is best, it’s undoubtedly the Midjourney version-4. With its superior functionality, stepped-forward control, and impressive AI modeling, Midjourney Version Four indicates high-quality promise for the destiny of AI-generated artwork. Whether you pick to discover the earlier variations or embody the modern talents of version four, Midjourney keeps pushing the boundaries of generative AI, making innovative artwork available to all. 


How do I switch to an extraordinary Midjourney version?

To switch to an exclusive Midjourney model, you could use the /Settings command in the Midjourney Discord server. For example, in case you need to change to Midjourney V5.1, kind /Settings and pick out 'MJ version 5.1' from the menu.

Is Midjourney V4 free to use? 

If you are a new consumer and have yet to start your loose trial, you may generate up to twenty-five pictures free of charge. After that, you'll have to buy a subscription plan to maintain the use of Midjourney. That can give you the best experience in your creative journey.

Can I use someone else's Midjourney art?

By default, your pics are seen and can be utilized by other individuals of the Midjourney community whilst shared in a public place. However, it would be best if you credited the writer for the use of a person else's art. That can help you to enhance your user experience and others as well. 

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