What is Virtual Reality and How It's Transforming Our World

August 12, 2023


Virtual reality is a place where a user can experience (at the sensory level) an immersive space in a virtual world that feels very real. It is a new way of engaging and interacting with computers. It seems to be a stepping stone in the direction of developing new technologies. With this new technology, people can experience a world where they want to go even if they're in their bedroom. Although VR is still at a very initial stage, improving day by day. It'll change the way we communicate, play games, and hell lot of things. People can experience it via smartphones or PCs. However, VR is very great to use with computers, because it requires very high computing power to operate

How Virtual Reality Works.

VR demands a combination of both hardware and software to create an immersive environment. It requires high computer processes for the sake of making the experience very interactive. Here are some significant points that describe the basic functions of VR: 


It consists of sensory devices that machines can sense what movements the user is doing, according to how that system will operate.  For instance: Head Mounted Display (HMD), Headphones, or Speakers. The more it senses, the more it performs.

Computers for operating a virtual environment and their processing speed played a significant role in this procedure. Computers are also responsible for creating artificial three-dimensional 3-D visuals and determining the location of the headsets. 

Input devices work for gathering information about a user's movements and placements. These devices are also used as a means of communication from the virtual environment.  

Tracking systems are there that are used to identify the exact pose of the controller, head-mounted displays, and other objects or body parts in Euclidean space.

This is it for the hardware section. Now move to the next important function which is also a vital part of VR. 


Software is the very core entity that determines a user's overall virtual experience. It is operated to make a user experience very immersive and assemble the 3-D simulated environments. One of its primary works is tracking the user's activities and inputs. And generating and rendering the virtual environment. 

There are many VR software development tools such as :

  • Blender
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Google VR for everyone 
  • Unity
  • Amazon Sumerian
  • Cry Engine. 

And many more. These are used in a very high volume. 

So in VR, the software helps to create that kind of environment where a user feels the illusion of the real world and gets so immersed in it. 

Types Of Virtual Reality And Its Key Features

There are many VRs are used nowadays, but I describe three primary sources of VR which are: 

Non-immersive simulations

It is a very low level of immersion and users don't feel a realistic experience in it. With this technology, users can experience a virtual world through a computer screen and be fully aware of their physical environment. 

Video games are perfect examples of these types of VRs. 

Semi-immersive simulations

With this type of technology, users feel more immersed than non-immersive. It provides a partial virtual environment where users interact with this detailed depth of graphics and are also aware of their surroundings. 

Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Quest are some significant examples of semi-immersive VR experiences. 

Fully-immersive simulations

It satisfies users' experience and provides a very realistic, interactive, and simulated environment. For the sake of it, users need some equipment like VR headsets or head-mounted devices (HMD) to engage with the sight and sound. 
With this technology, the user feels a very different world and gets so immersed that they forget about their physical environment. 

Virtual Tours, Educational VR, the most popular Gaming VR, and many more are great examples of fully-immersive VRs. 

Key Features

This is a very lucrative technology that has many features. It gives you a bug-free, responsive, and smooth experience of the virtual world. It functions quite fast and avoids latency. 

  • Immersion: It means the user is very much engaged with the 3-D virtual world and the equipment they use, it makes the virtual scenario very immersive and the user feels very fascinated by them. 

    Interactivity: With the help of tracking systems, VR aims to give a 360° view to the users and track the users ' movements to become more interactive. 
  • Experiencing through senses: VR makes your senses very involved through its hardware and enhances your overall experience. 

Parallel world: VR creates a different world for its users. Putting high-quality visuals and 3-D effects in visuals and sounds make the illusion very real. 

Many more key features like making your presence very true in the virtual world, Its phenomenal graphics, simulations, and various applications make it more impressive for its users. 

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Virtual Reality

Everything in this world is both black and white. Technology is also something like this. Every technology has two sides and its pros and cons. It's high time to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of VR. 

Advantages of Virtual Reality

It provides realistic conditions for practice under hazardous scenarios in different fields including healthcare, military, and aviation. 

With its immersive nature, users get engaged with educational experiences and create a very effective way to learn complex topics. 

It makes entertainment more engaging and brings immersive gaming and many other amazing things. 

It makes travel very convenient for a wider audience and users get to experience wherever they want even if they're in their living room.

It is also beneficial for content creators, whether they want to explore it or make their new career in it.

It enhances the way we communicate and we can boost our productivity in digital space. 

Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

Here we go! Now time to see how VR can damage things and learn what we can avoid while using this. 

The very first disadvantage is very known and it is the cost of setting up a VR. It is a barrier for most individuals. Soon we can hope that its cost reduces and it becomes more affordable for most people. 

It is still in an experimental mode, it is not matured well enough to use it by anyone. 

It can be very addictive to use for a long period. Users can feel social isolation due to this. 

Because of VR, users can have some health concerns like eyestrain, fatigue, and other mental illnesses. 

Its over-dependency is also a major problem with users. People are very much attached to this, and it prevents the traditional way. 

Sometimes it doesn't maintain a decent frame rate and it causes the bug or motion sickness. 

Now it's time to conclude it. 

Conclusion - What is virtual reality

Okay then, here we're at the end of the article. VR emerges as a very interesting technology. It's important to have a decent knowledge of VR before it is used. 
We hope it helps you to understand VR. If we missed some important information in any section, feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us. 

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