What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud and B2C in Salesforce?

August 26, 2023


Imagine you have fertile land where plenty of green vegetables grow and you want to make some profit from this. Now for this, either you will sell them in bulk to a local trader in your area or you will sell them to the direct customer who will buy them for their personal use. In the above-mentioned paragraph, the one in blue represents B2B (business to business), and the one in brown represents salesforce commerce cloud B2C (business to consumer). There are two ways to do any business: 1) Business to Business (B2B) 2)Business to Consumer (B2C). Since this article is about B2C, we will talk more about B2C.

B2C in Salesforce. (Salesforce  Commerce Cloud)

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Don't get confused about Salesforce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, both are not the same stuff. Look Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform that offers a wide range of services related to sales, marketing, and many more things. It can be used by B2C or B2B companies as well. 


Salesforce Commerce Cloud (once known as Demandware which was acquired by Salesforce in 2016) is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that allows online retailers to grow their business by providing things like better experience, sales funnel, and many other things that an online store needs. In the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, they've both B2B & B2C models. B2C companies have a large number of orders which have to be delivered to the end customer. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the whole procedure of B2C commerce becomes super easy. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is designed for especially when it comes to B2C. It has immense features to grow a B2C company or online store. Let's take a look at how Salesforce Commerce Cloud works for B2C companies. B2C companies often have new customers, instead of repeating customers. With the Salesforce commerce cloud, maintenance of all the new datasets of new customers becomes more & more comfortable. It is very useful if you have an e-commerce site or online store. It is made for online retailers. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud supports B2C companies in various ways. Some of them are : 

It Develops an online store

It helps to build an online presence in the form of a store or something like that and improves the management of their online store. 

Simplifies Product Catalog Management and Inventory

It is the most important part of initiating an online store because now it's time to show your brand image. In this section of B2C commerce, the company focuses on product search, set prices, and inventory management. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud managing product search,   product pricing, and adding some further products or listing the products to inventory management becomes more convenient for B2C companies. 

Facilitates Checkout

Checkout is the process where a customer initiates the purchase of an item through the online store and ends the purchase with a successful payment. These are some basic things involved in any checkout process:

 Review Cart

Shipping Information 

Shipping Method 

Payment Information & Place Order. 

To simplify this whole process B2C companies take advantage of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It makes the checkout process very easy and smooth for the customers. Here customers have many different options for payment whether it is PayPal, Credit Card & many more. 

Improves Order Management

E-commerce companies are desperate to manage their orders in time. They need a consolidated solution to the problem of order management. After all, it tracks the customer's order from start to finish. Several things are included in this case such as :

Order Processing 


Returns &

Customer Service. 

In this procedure, Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes a seamless infrastructure and facilitates the company's overall performance. 

Integrates Marketing & Services Cloud Of Salesforce

Salesforce Commerce Cloud combines with Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Salesforce Service Cloud to make sure that B2C companies have total control over their products or services. With Marketing Cloud, companies can make personalized proposals and send targeted emails which can lead to getting the most out of the marketing campaigns and enable more automation in the entire process. Service Cloud helps to understand what are the issues customers are facing and resolve the issue as soon as possible. 

Some Additional Key Features That Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Offers

Now you are very well introduced to the fact of what Salesforce Commerce Cloud is and How it collaborates with B2C companies. In the previous section of the article, we discussed some significant features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Now it's high time to explore its more unique features that attract more companies to join the organization. 

Such as follows: 

Headless Commerce

With this feature, you get the liberty to make your e-commerce site more attractive with some phenomenal visuals (which is called front-end) that help customers fully engage with the website. Now, on the other hand, the website's overall infrastructure like the structure, system, data, and logic (which is called the back end) also plays a vital role in making the customer's experience more in-depth and informative. It allows the separation of the front end & the back end of your e-commerce platform. So that your website becomes more flexible to the users.


When you have Salesforce Commerce Cloud on your side you have the privilege of strong personalized shopping exposure to each customer. With robust personalization, You have a chance to know more about your customers and some specific views of your e-commerce platform. 

Omnichannel Commerce

It means that you as a customer can shop from multiple channels like mobile, desktop, laptop, or brick-and-mortar. Its primary focus is on giving a seamless experience through all the channels at every touch point. 

AI and Machine Learning

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is also leveraging AI & ML to automate tasks and to get the best insight into customers' behavioral patterns. 

Security and Safety

Customer data security is very important to the B2C companies. And they are very aware of this. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, it is very much accessible to ensure the safety of their potential customer's data. 

Conclusion -  Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C


In this article, we discussed B2C in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, How it works, and some important key features of it. If you have any B2C companies for e-commerce platforms, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the best fit for your business. We hope it helps & adds some value to your knowledge and understanding as well. Share your thoughts about this article with us in the comment section. 

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