What is salesforce and how it works, Its Key Features, and Many More?

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Salesforce is a software company that provides businesses, whether small or large, with necessities such as CRM (customer relationship management) to address their needs and drive a more relevant ecosystem for their customers.

It helps to improve communication between the company and its potential customers. It manages everything from beginning to finalization of a product within the business. 

Companies that Leveraged Salesforce

Many companies have great experience working with Salesforce. Enjoying the luxurious facilities that they provide to their customers. Some of them are : 

The Coca-Cola Company

This giant beverage company faced many issues to run its business. Their primary problem was its diverse customer base, and they were unable to engage with them and failed to give them a personalized experience due to their lack of a system. 

Then the sales force comes into play. It helps them to engage with their customers through unified customer data from different touchpoints, fitting social media, and mobile apps, and making interaction more online and accessible. 

Implementing salesforce into their business they developed relevant marketing campaigns, personalized guidance, and many other things that increase the company's overall sales and deeper brand attention. 


It is one of the most popular online marketplaces in the field of housing. This company encountered challenges like optimizing pricing, customer intention, and the inability to make a decision.  
Through Salesforce, they have more control over their customer data. It helps to understand the customer behavior pattern and its results in improved customer satisfaction and ensuring the company's revenue growth. 


This legendary automotive manufacturer company gets stuck with its sales management and lead generation. 
Salesforce helps them to make sales more visible and transparent. It also helps the sales team to prioritize leads and track sales more efficiently and makes the whole process very collaborative & meaningful. 

American Express

This global financial services company met challenges in providing consistent customer support to its multiple channels. 
Salesforce makes customer interaction more transparent and emphasizes providing self-service options. It results in customer satisfaction, reduced solution times, and increased efficiency in communication. This list is very long because unlimited companies exist that leveraged salesforce and this process goes on and on. 

How Salesforce Works

Salesforce works on cloud computing which is very easily accessible to everyone. As you know it is a CRM platform that helps customers interact, sales and marketing strategy, and many such things. 

Here is a concise answer to how the salesforce works. 

  • It works on a cloud-based system that enhances the communication between the company and its potential customers. 
  • CRM enables businesses to streamline their marketing strategies and makes the sales process very efficient. 
  • It works on a centralized system where the data of customers become more accessible to drive engagement. 
  • It automates complex tasks so that companies can give efforts in innovation and creativity and not in doing administrative tasks.

It works on scalability to increase its reach and provide customization to ensure the evolution of the business and fulfills its requirements. 

We hope that you get an idea of the sales force's basic mechanism. Now the next part of the article is waiting for you. 

What makes Salesforce very special

The biggest reason to stay number 1 in the world is its features which attract any new or old businesses. Its features play a vital role in the impactfulness of the sales force. 
At the beginning of the sales force, they had very limited features, but with time and effort now they have features like AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) & IOT (INTERNET OF THINGS). 
Some important features of the salesforce are below:

Salesforce Mobile App

With this feature, users track their data and get access from anywhere in the world. They can view important events or meetings at their fingertips.
They offer offline data updates as well which can help users to get connected without the internet. It gives you the flexibility to work from any corner of the world.  

Lead Management

It provides a transparent way of managing crucial leads and making sure that it converts into profitable leads. 
This feature helps to gain exposure to trending leads in the market and get control over it. It helps businesses to streamline their lead conversion and to stay at the top of the market. 

Opportunity Management

It helps to create an overview of upcoming opportunities or visibility of opportunities for companies. It indicates the stage of a particular opportunity and gives us the critical details of the market's activity.

Contact Management

It allows companies to gather genuine information about their customers and showcase the customer interaction record. It fills the gap between the company and its potential customers. 
It allows us to trace the activity of the deals with their status and accessibility. Ultimately it provides a holistic approach to communicating with customers to make decisions for the sake of their potential customers and for itself as well. 
Many more features like Trailhead, Quote Management, Quote to Cash, Einstein Analytics, Sales Forecasting, etc. 
These features and some incredible products of Salesforce make this software company more relevant and reliable to their many customers out there in the world.  

What Salesforce can do with your business? 

I might sound like an affiliate marketer of Salesforce, but it's not like that. As I mentioned in the above sections, Salesforce has changed many companies' fortunes.
Now if you guys have any problem with your business, check out Salesforce for sure. Because now you all know what Salesforce is capable of doing.  
Now it's time to wrap up things. 

Conclusion - What is Salesforce and how it works

Now we are at the end of this post. We describe the salesforce and its impact on big companies. The important characteristic that it has, is its support for any business and makes the infrastructure very approachable. 

Okay then, that's it for now. If we didn't cover any other points, feel free to connect with us and give your precious suggestions to us. 


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