Travis Kelce’s net worth: How the NFL star makes his fortune

February 3


From a random boy from Ohio who dreamt of being a star athlete to becoming one of the most successful NFL players at the tight end position, Travis Kelce is now dating a 12-time Grammy award winner, pop sensation Taylor Swift, which added further limelight to his spectacular career in football. In addition to this, he is also a man of investment, is business-minded, and endorses many branded deals, which is the reason for his lucrative bank account.

Breakdown of Travis Kelce’s Net Worth: 

A man whose net worth is 40 million dollars is not something that happens overnight; for this, he must have done a lot in his life. As we all know, the career of an athlete is not that long, and it also comes with many complications like injuries, which is a hard pill to swallow.

But despite these things, Travis Kelce defied the odds and built a remarkable career, of which he will be proud. Here’s a breakdown of his net worth that demonstrates his fantastic financial journey:

Kansas City Chiefs (via NFL):

Contract from 2013 to 2016: 

Travis Kelce started his professional career with this team back in 2013, when he made his debut in the NFL when the Kansas City Chiefs signed him in a contract for four years, which was around $3.12 million with an average annual salary of $781,576 including a signing bonus of $703,304 and $703,304 guaranteed, as per The Sun & Spotrac. 

Contract from 2016 to 2021:

Once again, Travis Kelce signed a contract with the Kansas City Chiefs for five years, which was worth around $46 million with an average annual salary of $9 million, including a signing bonus of $10 million and $20 million guaranteed, as per Spotrac.

Current contract (2022-2026):

 The NFL tight end star currently has the tag of the top 5 highest-paid tight end in the NFL via a four-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, which will last until 2026. This deal is worth around $57.25 million, with an average annual salary of $14 million and $22.75 million guaranteed, as per Spotrac.

In addition to these contracts, Travis Kelce received millions more through bonuses and his performance in the NFL. Reportedly, he earned around $77 million just from the contracts he signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Endorsements :

Travis Kelce’s personality and energetic presence helped him endorse some global brands, such as Nike and McDonald's. According to Insider, he makes around $5 million per year through endorsements. Here are the brands that he endorses and makes money from to enjoy a grand lifestyle:

  • McDonald's
  • Nike
  • Papa John’s
  • Tide
  • Sleep Number
  • Old Spice
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Bud Light, and many more.


Additional Partnerships:

The Tight End has also executed some additional partnerships with the Pfizer vaccine and Campbell’s Soup.

With the Pfizer vaccine, rumors had said that he made around $20 million, but that's not correct, according to celebrity net worth. 

Travis Kelce was featured with his brother Jason Kelce in a Campbell Soup ad and developed a new relationship with this brand. Also, he had a long-standing tie-up with the Midwest grocery chain, Hy-Vee (which has been a longtime sponsor of the Kansas City Chiefs), that will continue until 2025.


Investments :

 After being a very successful tight-end NFL star, Travis Kelce has made some productive investments that also serve his ultimate net worth.

Here are some of his investments:


In businesses:

He has invested in these businesses:

  • Real Truck (truck shop)


  • Hydrow (rowing machine)


  • Indochino (men’s fashion)


  • Cholula Hot Sauce (condiments)


  • PlayersTV (an athlete-owned media network)


  • Kodiak (a popular breakfast brand)


In real estate:

Travis Kelce has also invested in many different real estate properties and continues to do so. Recently, he paid for a 17,000-square-foot mansion in Kansas City, which is worth around $6 million, according to TMZ.

He also owns a 25-story-tall building in the center of downtown Kansas City, which is also known as One Light Luxury.

 In 2019, he further increased his Kansas City investments and purchased $355,000 worth of a condo in Orlando, which spread over 1434 square feet. He shares this mansion with his parents and brother.


In addition to this, the Chiefs tight end captured a seven-bedroom mansion in Kansas City’s ritzy Briarcliff West neighborhood in 2019, which is worth around $995,000 and occupies 10,000 square feet.


Additional Investments:


As we look forward to his additional investments, we can’t avoid his investment in a Formula One racing team, Alpine. In June 2023, Travis Kelce led a group of investors that included Patrick Mahomes (chiefs quarterback), Rob McElhenney, and Ryan Reynolds.

They confirmed a 24% stake in the Formula One team for an impressive amount of $218 million (€200 million).

However, it's worth noting that celebrities never disclose their investments in public to maintain their financial privacy, and it's quite an obvious thing to understand.

He may have invested in stocks, crypto, and many other places, but since there is no concrete evidence for this, it would not be right to talk about it.

His ventures and businesses:

Travis Kelce has a passion for ownership, and it helps him learn about building and sustaining business models.

Here are some of his businesses: 

  • Tru Kolors (a clothing and sportswear brand)


  • Kelce’s Krunch (cereal brand)


  • Hilo Gummies (nutrition brand)


  • Casa Azul Spirits Tequila (soda brand).


In April 2021, he became the co-owner of the company Club CarWash, which fueled his financial journey and made an impact on his evolving net worth.

However, there are no public records that demonstrate his earnings from these businesses, but after the appearance of his new romantic partner Taylor Swift in the game between the Chiefs and Bears, there was a 400% hike in Kelce’s merchandise on the Fanatics network of sites, making him one of the top five sellers of the weekend, as per the Associated Press.

Podcasting :

By leveraging his knowledge of sports and his popular athlete profile, Travis Kelce started his podcast “New Heights” in September 2022 with his brother and co-host of the podcast, Jason Kelce.

The podcast has completed 76 episodes, and it has also been influenced by Taylor Swift's effect, as the podcast has climbed to the number-one spot on Apple Podcasts.

The podcast has a significant following on platforms like Spotify and has various subscription options for its listeners. It also has a line of merchandise and impressive sponsorship deals with brands like DraftKings and LinkedIn that ensure that the Kelce brothers bring in millions in revenue every year.

How does Travis Kelce spend his enormous money?


Travis Kelce spends millions of dollars on luxurious things. He is fond of having luxury cars, branded clothes, and many other things. 

He has a collection of some royal cars, including an Aston Martin Vanquish worth around $297,775, a Mini Hardtop worth around $24,250, a Mercedes-AMG G 63, a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Convertible, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a custom Land Rover, etc.

 He likes to wear brands like Frere, an Italian tailoring house, whose off-the-rack suits start at $5,000. In one of his photos, he is wearing a Frere jumpsuit, Louis Vuitton sunglasses at roughly $900, and a Louis Vuitton duffle that may have cost around $2,000.

It’s worth noting that the Chief’s website has a photo gallery of Kelce's outfits over the years that reflects his love for branded accessories.

Is Travis Kelce considered an underpaid athlete?

Well, generally, tight-end-positioned players are less prioritized than premium-positioned players (top wide receivers). He is one of the highest-paid tight-end players in the NFL, with an average salary of $14 million. 

In June 2023, he told Vanity Fair that he considered himself an underpaid player compared to top tight-end players, and he also mentioned that “his managers and agents love to tell him how underpaid he is.” 

However, he has no problem with this. He said I’m focusing on winning the Super Bowl for my team, and money is the outcome of this. Who knows that in the next five or six years, Travis Kelce will become the highest-paid player in the NFL? 

What lessons do we take from Travis Kelce’s financial journey?

Travis Kelce accepted that he made many mistakes in the initial phase of his career. He said he was very spendthrifty, as he spent too much money on his unnecessary activities.

At one point, his football career was in danger because he couldn't pass the drug test and due to his overspending nature. But later, he figured out these mistakes and worked hard for them.

Travis Kelce gives us these valuable lessons for managing money: 

  • Gain knowledge and be educated about business.


  • Seek financial advice from trusted and expert people.


  • Try to become one of the best in your field and also off-field.


Final Thoughts on Travis Kelce’s Net Worth:

 The two-time Super Bowl winner who set the bar for the young generation is not done yet. His net worth is already way more than the previous year, and it seems that it will expand more.

 So there you have it! Athletes always inspire others. What inspires you? What's your favorite part of his net worth? Bring it. up in the comment section.



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