Top Secret Keywords for Mid-Journey Success

December 7


Generative artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms have transformed the way in which each industry operates. With the introduction of generative AI image generators, the workload of designers has been reduced, leading the way to a more balanced work life. Even with the latest technological innovations, artificial intelligence is still only able to create images according to human instructions. Complete utilization of AI to automate the entire workflow and business process has not yet been achieved. Therefore, the selection of keywords to use in midjourney AI can be a critical aspect that determines the quality of the content. It also determines the compatibility of your design, to attract users across different mobile devices.

If you are struggling with prompts, want to improve the prompts? Looking for something else but struggling with framing prompts? You are at the right place. This article will provide you with some insights into incorporating some secret keywords into your prompt that can help you attain better results.

How Do Mid Journey AI and Prompts Work


Mid-Journey AI is a paid service that provides you with images and designs through the Discord application. It makes use of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to take input from users (prompts) and use generative AI to create and transform the prompts into live images. 

The prompts should be concise to the point while describing all your ideas and intentions. Since AI models struggle with long sentences, using short, concise sentences usually helps. MidJourneyy supports prompts up to 499 characters, and thus, you can utilize the entire space to be as descriptive as possible. 

To get a successful image, you can create the prompt by using this formula: Photography Theme/ Style + Image Angle + Image Focus+ Lighting + Weather / Time of Day + Camera/ Film Types + Description of Realism + Aspect Ratio. This formula will help you create a realistic, artistic, and creative image every time while maintaining the image quality and creativity. 

Mid Journey Prompts: Basics

The prompts you use directly influence the output quality and image genre; therefore, it is important to use prompts that can accurately define your requirements. To get started in mid-journey AI, you have to use the /imagine command on a dedicated channel and then proceed to enter the prompt; it will return you an image. 

To ensure that the image is like ecstasy as you imagined your soul, ensure that you have:

  1. Accurately describe the basic idea and outline of the image you want. Outlining the main subject, background scene, and the specific details that you want can help you improve the accuracy and quality of the image. 
  2. Focused on the specific style and using creative keywords. Making use of relevant keywords that can describe the genre/style of image you need can help you improve the image.
  3. Understood the aspect ratio of target devices. Specifying the aspect ratio you want the image to be can help reduce the editing and image transformations while improving quality. 
  4. Used advanced settings and phrases to modify the default seed, styles, chaos, etc. This can improve the creativity of mid-journey AI.
  5. Highlighted the specific genres and styles by using the “::” notation. This helps in assigning weights and ratios to improve the focus of AI on specific keywords and provide more importance to specific ideas. 
  6. Experiment with Images and reiterate the versions to get more detailed, creative, and innovative images. To master any skill, the main idea is to get more familiar with the prompts. Therefore, experimenting with Mid Journey AI and familiarizing yourself with different prompts can help you improve the reproducibility of images. 
  7. Used remix mode by using color code specifications. Adding and specifying the colors to the prompts can help you enhance the image quality, and it ensures that your imagination and the image produced by Mid Journey AI align and converge together. 


Top Secret Keywords To Experiment With

Here are some of the keywords to use in midjourney that can improve the image. 

  1. Style/Genre: Van Gogh's Starry Night, reminiscent of Salvador Dali, J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth, and Wassily Kandinsky's paintings. Any such reference to famous paintings can transform the prompt into a hyper realistic image. 
  2. Lighting: dramatic lighting, volumetric lighting, cinematic lighting, backlighting.
  3. 3D Image reference: 3d render, octane render, blender render, unreal engine.
  4. Modifications for image quality: hyper-realistic, superb quality, photorealistic, extremely detailed, sharp detail, ultra-detailed, 8k, intricate, HQ.
  5. Background Details: Ultra-Modern Room, Retro Room, Theme-Based Cafe, Room for ‘One Piece’ Lovers, Gaming Zone For Millennials and GenZ, Safe Haven for Naruto Fans, Marvel Universe in a Room, Dream Coworking Space, Designing a Duplex, Designing Dracula’s Dungeon, Gothic Guestroom, The Ancient Bath, The Floral Terrace, The Beachside Bedroom, The Earthy Kitchen, French Verandah, Luxurious Walk In Closet, Feasting at Moroccan Dining Hall, Indian Wedding Hall.


The world of artificial intelligence and machine learning has opened up a new realm of possibilities for designing and creating styles with images. These new possibilities have helped designers to unlock creativity and innovation that was limited by technology. 

It is important to understand the business needs and design requirements before using AI. So, understanding how these prompts work and understanding the relevant keywords to use in midjourney can make a difference and will help you produce high-quality images. 






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