the story behind GTA 6 gameplay leaked footage, release date, and many more?

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After the launch of GTA 5, its fans and gamers who are spread all over the world have been eager to experience GTA 6 gameplay which is the most anticipated game in history ever.

The most obvious reason is that GTA 5 was launched almost a decade ago. And its developers did not release any game of this phenomenal GTA series.

 Yes, there is a game called GTA THE TRILOGY - THE DEFINITIVE EDITION which was released back in November 2021; but this game is not a new game in the GTA series, it's a mixture of the previous three games of the GTA series. 

In the next few minutes, you are very well off about the fact that GTA 6 leaked footage, what about its release date, and why does Rockstar Games take too much time to introduce GTA 6 gameplay?

History of Game GTA 

So let's start with the very beginning of the story. GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 6 will be a part of this GTA series. You are all very well introduced to the history of GTA games and how it changed the whole gaming industry. From the first release of GTA (which was launched in November 1997) to GTA 5 (which was launched in September 2013), the GTA franchise has come a long way. It has more fans or customers than any other gaming company.
Their last game (GTA 5) is still very popular and in demand among gamers. And the concept of GTA 6 came when Rockstar Games, the developer of the GTA series announced in February 2022, that they are in active development of GTA 6 and the process is underway

It was only the confirmation about GTA 6 and they didn't say anything else about the game. Well, the important news is that suspense is over and its fans get the assurance of GTA 6 and now it's confirmed that a very new game of the GTA series is on the way in the upcoming years. 

What's the story behind the GTA 6 Gameplay leaked footage & How it leaks? 

Now this is the most talked about point everywhere, especially in the digital world. Everyone makes their opinion on each other. 

So it all started in September 2022, when a teenage boy or let's say, a hacker whose name was Arion Kurtaj, whose online handle was Teaportuberhacker.  He was from the UK and a member of the Lapsus$ Group which previously hacked companies like Uber & Nvidia.  After this incident, which includes approximately 90 videos and screenshots was leaked online and people went mad about this news of GTA 6 leaked footage. 

Rockstar Games also confirmed that they had some issues with the network intrusion. They further said that they were very disappointed with this incident and that they never wanted the exposure of GTA 6 in this way. 

To find out how it leaks, we have to go through points such as the hacker got some clue about GTA 6 through industry insiders, data miners, and modders, and there are social media platforms as well, where experts share their knowledge with the audience and try to engage with them. But sometimes in their post, they mentioned some very confidential information that a hacker can easily understand and use for hacking. 

I don't say that leakage is happening because of these facts, I just make the probability of this scenario.  By the way, the reality is that GTA 6 had leaked, and it put a big question mark on the security and safety of Rockstar Games. As it is one of the most reputed companies in the gaming industry. And it demonstrates that even big companies cannot save themselves from hacking. Isn't it? 

What's in the leaked footage of GTA 6 Gameplay? (Describing the leaked footage of GTA 6). 

It consists of many things like where the game was set,  the story, gameplay, and many other things. Also, it gives unexpected exposure to the GTA series, because of leaks there is so much fake news out there about GTA 6. It's important to understand that GTA 6 leaks happened when it was in the very initial stage and because leaks can happen, Rockstar Games can change the whole thing in GTA 6 and make sure that the game is untouched and create hype about it. 

Without further ado, let's take a look at what things that leaked footage have. 

Game Characters

The leaked footage of GTA 6 has shown that there are two playable characters in the upcoming GTA series. One character is male (Jason) and the second one is a female character (Lucia). They both are inspired by real-world criminals in the U.S. named Bonnie & Clyde. 

Also, some rumors say that there is a third character in this game called Kai. This third character comes from the earlier version of the game and possibly it is removed now, but we have to wait until the confirmation of Rockstar Games or until the release of the game. 

Game Setting

The footage depicts that this time the game is set up in Vice City, Miami Florida. Because the cars or buses appearing in the game feature Vice City in their number plate or even Vice City Station is also visible in the leaked footage. 

Also, the footage has shown the new locations in Vice City, such as the downtown area & a new beach. 

New Gameplay Features

The footage shows that the players have a new experience with a variety of different gameplay features like a dynamic weather system, underwater swimming, building climbing, and whatnot. 

With all these new features, players can get the best & most realistic experience of GTA 6.

Various types of vehicles & weapons

Another footage refers to another rumor about its new vehicles and upgraded weapons. Vehicles like cars, buses, motorcycles, boats, and helicopters are the most probable vehicles in the upcoming title. 

Weapons like baseball bats, spear guns, assault rifles, rocket launchers, polymer pistols, bolt action sniper, and fire bottles are the ones that make this game more attractive and engaging. 

So these are some revealed footage facts that create hype all around the world. If all goes as the leaked footage, there is a possibility to explore all these things in the next new game of the GTA series. 

What about the release date of GTA 6 Gameplay?

The probable release date would be between March 2024 to April 2025. As Take Two (T2) (which owns Rockstar Games) stated they will have earned a big revenue in the fiscal year 2025. 

Strauss Zelnick (the CEO of Take-Two) said in a recent interview that the company would be able to achieve record revenue in the fiscal year 2025 and it could be possible that he was talking about the GTA 6 release. 

After that, every fan expected GTA 6 to be released between March 2024 & April 2025. However, it's important to understand that this expected date was a speculation by experts and industry insiders. 

There is no official announcement of releasing GTA 6 yet. But as we know, after the massive success of GTA 5, fans are waiting for its sequel and that's why sometimes they spread some fake news about it. 

As for now, we have only the rumors and leaked footage of GTA 6 earlier development. Nothing more than that. Unfortunately, that's the truth, and we have only the option to wait for the official statement until then get fascinated by leaked footage of gameplay. 

Conclusion - GTA 6 Gameplay

So now we have an official announcement that GTA 6 is in process and a bit confused about its release date. And yes also very fascinated by its leaked footage material.  We discussed the story behind GTA 6 leaks and also shed some light on the ingredients of leaked footage and also we talked about the GTA 6 official release. We have nothing to celebrate but yes we may meet next time with some nice feelings and good news about its official release.  So this is it for this article. We hope this article adds some value to your knowledge. 

If you have any further questions about this article or have any suggestions for us, feel free to leave a comment and join the discussion. 

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