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December 29


In today's fast-paced world, everyone wants to be more productive, more passionate, and more disciplined in their lives. Audiobooks play a very crucial role in the lives of modern human beings. According to Forbes, the annual sales of audiobooks increased by 10% in 2022, for a revenue total of $1.8 billion, as reported by the Audio Publishers Association (APA). The USA, Europe, China, and Nordic countries have the biggest audiobook markets. Audiobooks are a great friend of multitaskers, as people can listen to them while doing daily stuff. And on top of that, imagine that if free audiobooks were available, it would be like icing on the cake. And guess what? There is a diverse range of free methods out there for easy access to it. So get ready to explore the methods of how to buy audible books without a subscription

How do I listen to audiobooks without any cost?

There are many avenues for finding free audiobook resources. All you need is a secure internet connection, which is a very obvious thing in today's era.

Here are the important methods for free audiobook resources:

Leverage the Public Library:

Your local library has a partnership with some digital platforms that provide you with a library card, from which you can borrow thousands of free audiobooks with a diverse range. There are also some library consortiums, with which you can explore even more possibilities.

Here are some platforms that collaborate with the public libraries:


It's a mobile app from OverDrive, which provides you with a library card and gives you the option of borrowing a specific amount of free audiobooks at a time. It is available for digital content such as Android, iOS, Chrome browsers, Safari, MS Edge, and Firefox.

Hoopla Digital:

This platform also requires a library card to access free audiobooks from local libraries, which permits you to borrow any of their content without any interruptions. It allows you to explore 10 titles for one month.

RB Digital:

Like OverDrive, Libby, and Hoopla, RB Digital is also a good option for utilizing the power of public libraries, which provide access to a vast collection of free audiobook resources.

Don't miss out on public-domain websites:

Public domain websites are open to all, free from copyright, and narrated by volunteers. Here are some public-domain websites that are run by volunteers:


This volunteer-driven public domain platform is completely free and delivers a broad section of public domain audiobooks.

Project Gutenberg:

On this platform, free audiobooks are narrated by volunteers and public-domain audiobook contributors. However, some audiobooks are in computerized voice, so choose what suits you. Also, it has a huge library of free ebooks and audiobooks that are available for iOS and Android devices.

Open Culture:

This platform is dedicated to cultural and educational media available for free, as you can capture over 1,000 free audiobooks in iTunes or MP3 format. With the support of different sources on the web, you can mostly download classics or stuff like that.

Loyal Books:

With this platform, you can create your library from thousands of free audiobooks and ebooks. You can download it for offline use, and you can also bring up reviews to read what others say about each of the titles.


This public-domain platform was introduced by Florida’s Education Technology at USF. It is a free online collection of audiobooks (poems and stories) in MP3 format.


In addition to podcasts and music, this legendary platform also has a free playlist of audiobooks. There is a bit of confusion about finding audiobooks; however, it is growing its audiobook category to provide a seamless experience.

Internet Archive:

With this platform, you can easily check out the different kinds of criteria, as it has various genres such as sci-fi books and poetry.

Digital Books:

This public domain platform has a very clean and easy-to-use interface that provides ebooks, audiobooks, and podcasts. With its new releases and availability of different languages, you can hone your listening.

There are many more public-domain platforms that you can check out to diversify your experience.

Explore free trial platforms:

For acquiring free audiobook resources, there are some very good options out there. In this method, you can take a trial for a certain period before committing to a subscription. Here are some of them:

Audible by Amazon:

In addition to its tremendous audiobook library, Audible has also done a great job of delivering older and new releases as well. It offers a free trial of 30 days, which allows only two downloads. Also, be alert when this free trial period is about to end to avoid charges.


Like Audible, it also has an option for a 30-day free trial. On this platform, some of the authors read audiobooks on their own. Don’t forget to cancel the trial before it ends to not be charged.

Seek user-generated content:

Don’t get overwhelmed by the term “user-generated.” I am talking about platforms where individuals share audiobooks for free, and it's none other than YouTube. You will be amazed when you visit YouTube to access free audiobooks. Many channels on YouTube deliver high-quality audiobooks that are very convenient for you.

However, it is very important to note that when you access YouTube, keep in mind that all these audiobooks are from legitimate sources and are completely free from all copyrights.

Delve into educational institutions and online courses:

Yes, these are not often considered mainstream sources for listening to free audiobooks. But it doesn't mean that it isn’t worth it. There are some universities and online courses like “Coursera” that provide recordings of their course material, which you can access in the form of free audiobook resources.

What are some things to remember when considering free audiobooks?

So, as we discussed earlier, there are so many ways or methods to access free audiobook resources. It's important to understand that your free audiobook resources comply with copyright regulations for the ethical utilization of free audiobooks.

Some points to remember when exploring the universe of free audiobooks:


  • Ensure the credibility of the resources, where the audiobooks are available for download or streaming.


  • Explore various methods to choose the right fit for you. Ultimately, it's up to you how you utilize different free audiobook resources.


  • Be aware of new resources that provide free audiobooks, because being updated is the key.


  • Before committing to a subscription to any of these platforms, gain deep knowledge of the platform, its offers, and T&Cs.


  • When it is time to commit, go with what suits you and your specific needs, and don’t forget why you moved toward the “audiobooks.”


Final Thoughts on Accessing Free Audiobooks:

In this article, we dived into the world of free audiobooks and covered all significant methods for free audiobook resources. So all in all, audiobooks are a great way to gain knowledge, provide an opportunity to learn from experts, and also give you a wider perspective on any particular topic.

Happy listening!

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