How to Access the Metaverse on iPhone: Exclusive Guide!

January 4


There has been a lot of buzz around the Metaverse, especially since Facebook renamed itself Meta. Don't be late in jumping on the Metaverse bandwagon. While the Metaverse is an evolving space with several new developments happening by the minute, exploring it in its current form is a good idea. Luckily, you can quickly learn about how to access the Metaverse on iPhone using this easy tutorial.

The Metaverse -An Online World  Beyond Your Imagination

But what exactly is the Metaverse, and why is everyone talking about it? The Metaverse is a digital world where you can exist as "Avatars" or representations of yourself. Doesn’t that sound mindblowing? Keep reading to get a complete picture of the Metaverse and how it is a game changer.


  • The Metaverse is a collection of several virtual worlds a user can enter to game, shop, create, or work.
  • The Metaverse uses Virtual and Augmented Reality devices to derive an immersive experience. 
  • With the  Metaverse, there are no boundaries. You can participate in a conference, a concert, or an event without being physically present at the venue.
  • The Metaverse attempts to use Haptics(tactile senses such as pressure or vibrations)to enhance user experience.
  • Besides gaming, companies in the retail business, such as Skechers and Ikea, are taking considerable initiatives to incorporate the Metaverse into their online presence. For instance, shoppers can now see what their desired furniture would look like in their space. 

Applications of the Metaverse 

The possibilities and potential associated with the Metaverse are limitless. The Metaverse relies on user-generated content, and companies spend plenty of money and time improving user experience. 

Knowing its applications and usage is a good idea before you learn how to access the Metaverse on iPhone.


The present applications of the Metaverse include

  • Gaming 
  • Shopping 
  • Socializing and engaging in conversation 
  • Attending virtual events and conferences
  • Trading in digital assets
  • Collaborating with different people across the globe on work

Equipement to access the Metaverse

Your Metaverse experience should be memorable, unique, and one-of-a-kind. Besides your trusted iPhone, here is a list of equipment(some necessary, others, if you have the money to splurge!) you can procure before launching into the Metaverse.

Virtual Reality Headset

For an immersive experience, a VR headset is a must. Many top-quality headsets, such as Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR2, and Pansonite VR headsets, are available in the market. 

Haptic Glove 

A haptic glove adds another dimension to your metaverse experience as it enables tactile feedback so you can "feel" every sensation as you experience it. Popular brands include Manus VR, HaptXglove, and TeslaSuit Glove.

3D Scanners and Full Body Tracking Systems 

If you want to go premium, indulge in a 3D scanner to recreate your physical surroundings into a digital form and a full body tracking system to make your avatar mimic your actions.

Avatars and Platforms 

To maximize your experience in the Metaverse, here is a primer on Avatars and Platforms that iPhones.support.


The idea of "Avatars" that represent a user in the Metaverse may sound intriguing, even baffling. A static or animated Avatar acts like your digital identity in the virtual world.

Avatars can be 2 Dimensional, 3 Dimensional, Full body( where both the upper and lower limbs move), or VR( only the upper body moves.)


  • Decentraland 
  • The Sandbox
  • Roblox Mobile
  • AXIE Infinity
  • Ready Player Me
  • HighRise 
  • GALA
  • Star ATLAS


How to access the Metaverse on iPhone 

Now, you are all set to enter the Metaverse. Here are five simple steps to help you use your iPhone and become a part of Metaverse.

Step 1

Choosing a Metaverse platform is the first step to joining the Metaverse. Every Metaverse platform listed above caters to a different purpose. In the Metaverse, you can purchase digital assets, play games, or converse about a topic of interest. So, make this decision based on what you want to do in the Metaverse.

how to access the Metaverse on iPhone


Step 2 

Create a Cryptocurrency account on a web3 wallet such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, or Exodus.

how to access the Metaverse on iPhone


Step 3

Sign up on your preferred Metaverse platform. 

how to access the Metaverse on iPhone

Source: Wikihow

Step 4 

Attach the VR headset to the iPhone using Wifi and launch the VR app on the platform. Add the crypto wallet to the virtual platform. 

how to access the Metaverse on iPhone

Photo by Remy Gieling on Unsplash

Step 5 

Create your avatar using Avatar creation tools available on the virtual platform.

how to access the Metaverse on iPhone



Congratulations! You are now officially a member of the Metaverse!

How to use your iPhone for AR Apps 

Augmented Reality applications such as Pokemon Go, IKEA Place, Measure App, and Google Lens use Metaverse technology to overlay the digital world over the real world. Download these on your iPhone, point the camera of your phone to real-world objects, and tap into the vast potential of the Metaverse. 

Future Trends and Predictions

The Metaverse is like a big, growing online world that's getting more exciting and real. In the future, it's going to change a lot, making our online experiences feel almost like real life.

One of the big changes will be better Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). This means when you wear special glasses or use certain apps, what you see and do in the Metaverse will feel super real. Imagine going to a concert halfway across the world without leaving your house, and it feels like you're actually there!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also make the Metaverse cooler. It'll learn what you like and make your time in the Metaverse more fun and personal. AI could create places that change and react to what you do, making everything more interesting.

Another important thing is Blockchain. This is a way to make sure that when you buy or sell things in the Metaverse, it's safe and honest. You could own cool virtual stuff that's actually worth real money.

In the future, you might also be able to jump between different Metaverse places easily, using just one character. This will make it super easy to meet people, play games, or do business in different virtual worlds.

But with all these cool things, we also have to think about keeping everyone safe and making sure things are fair. Even though there are some challenges, the Metaverse is definitely going to change how we use the internet and offer us really amazing experiences.


Your iPhone offers you the fastest way to access the Metaverse. Several apps in the Metaverse are iPhone-compatible, and you will find a platform of your interest and choice. Learning how to access the Metaverse on iPhone is a great way to get started on the Metaverse experience. 

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