The Real Cost of Midjourney: Prepare to Be Surprised!

December 17


Do you wish to create images for yourself or your loved ones using the Midjourney tool? Of course, you might want to unlock your creative possibilities through this tool. But, in order to do so, you may need to sign up for one of its subscription packages.

Midjourney is receiving considerable engagement in the field of Artificial Intelligence-based art tools. Many creators and experts have been attracted to the creative qualities of this software, allowing them to create compelling pictures only with simple texts. Yet, the most common question arises: how much does Midjourney cost? 

In order to make your thoughts come true, this article takes a deep dive into Midjourney's subscription packages.

What Exactly Is Midjourney Tool?​

Firstly, the Midjourney project was put into action by an autonomous research organization. This company has built an AI-driven tool capable of making pictures from textual descriptions. The tool has mastered the ability to adapt real-life art designs for creating graphics with all sorts of text. 

You can only access Midjourney through the Discord server on the authorized Discord of Midjourney. In addition, you can install the bot on an external server. With Discord's directive abilities, you may develop several pictures accordingly. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to consider the Midjourney subscription.

Everything You Need To Know About Midjourney Subscription Costs

Back in July 2022, with this tool's launch, everyone managed to use it and develop 25 pictures without paying a penny. It was as simple as just signing up for the free account with Discord, and you are already on the Midjourney server. Unfortunately, Midjourney has become unavailable for free at this time, and therefore, its membership has become considerably more crucial.

Washington Post interview with David Holz, the CEO of Midjourney, revealed that the tool is now accessible in a fee-based system due to heavy demand and mishandling of its beta edition. In time, there have been more and more deepfakes of actual persons.

As a result, for the time being, Midjourney stopped providing free access and invited everyone to buy their subscription plans. That was Holz's message on the Midjourney Discord server.

The Surprising Midjourney Subscription Plans

Artificial Intelligence is not a future concept as it has been taking place at present, and technology continues to evolve rapidly. This AI-powered text-to-image creator takes text inputs and creates incredible graphic images for you. But you wonder, "How much does midjourney cost?" Don't you?

Let's give you a short outline of the membership costs for Midjourney to break your curiosity. Based on the type of package you choose, the Midjourney can cost up to $10 and $120 per month. At present, Midjourney provides four different plans in the form of Basic, Standard, Pro, and Mega Plans. 

Here is a detailed summary of all your Midjourney subscription choices:

  • Basic Plan: $10 per month (with an annual subscription cost of $96 ($8 / month)), Fast GPU time of 3.3 hours monthly, personal bot chat, private visibility
  • Standard Plan: $30 per month (with an annual subscription cost of $288 ($24 / month)), Fast GPU time of 15 hours monthly, unlimited relax GPU time, and all of the advantages listed above
  • Pro Plan: $60 per month (with an annual subscription cost of $576 ($48 / month)), Fast GPU time of 30 hours monthly, access to Stealth Mode, and all of the advantages listed above
  • Mega Plan: $120 per month (with an annual subscription cost of $1152 ($96 / month)), Fast GPU time of 60 hours monthly, access to Stealth Mode, and all of the advantages listed above


Remember, you can purchase extra GPU time for $4 per hour, no matter the type of package you choose.

Tips & Strategies For Making The Most Of Midjourney Tool

Explore these tips & strategies to make maximum use of Midjourney's bot;

  • Try to describe your conditions and specify them as much as possible. The more detailed information you give in the text alert, the easier it becomes for AIs to grasp what you request.
  • Play with designs & categories, and consider using fantasy, science-fiction, horror, animation, or conceptual writing in your text alerts.
  • Utilize optimistic or adverse terms to guide the perspective and style of the tool. You can express things like pleased, unhappy, fearful, humorous, attractive, and unappealing.
  • Ask the tool to refer to existing graphics or personalities. You can provide the names of creators, films, video games, and novels.
  • Give reviews mentioning terms like better, fewer, higher, lower, more colorful, or dimmer to inform the tool about your likes and dislikes concerning its created graphics.


Bottom Line

MidjourneyAI is an efficient and adaptable way of creating uniquely and visually stimulating artworks on the basis of your text alerts. For non-professionals, the Basic Plan is an affordable choice, and Standard, Pro, and Mega Plans are especially appropriate to devoted creators requiring extra fast GPU time. 

If you are still wondering how much does Midjourney cost for newbies, it makes sense that you must begin with the Basic Plan. Upgrade to higher tiers of packages as you use the tool further, and your requirements for Fast GPU time rise.

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