Best Questions to Ask ChatGPT: Top Picks for Surprising Results!

February 6


ChatGPT is a storehouse of information. Start a conversation with this trained Chatbot by entering a text prompt, and you are sure to get virtually any question answered. Anyone who has tried ChatGPT at least once is undoubtedly intrigued and amazed by its capabilities.

Chat GPT by OpenAI was launched in November 2022 and has gained popularity as a" know-it-all" chatbot that can help you with almost any subject. Chat GPT has some inbuilt restrictions that prevent it from answering specific queries related to religious, political, or immoral activities. However, it is a great resource to help you with diverse topics, from content creation to coding, philosophy to marketing, and resume writing to wellness.

Getting started with Text Prompts.

Before we delve deeper into the best questions to ask chatGPT, let's start with the basics. How do you begin "chatting" with chat GPT? ChatGPT generates responses to text prompts. A text prompt could either be a statement, a phrase, a query, a command, or even a thought. Giving ChatGPT context while inputting your prompt is a good idea to elicit better answers. Prompt Engineering is a job that is in vogue today and involves structuring the text of ChatGPT prompts to get the best and most valuable solutions.

Best Questions to Ask ChatGPT

Today, Chat GPT is Generative AI in its most common, helpful, and accessible form. Because it is mostly free and fast, it would be virtually criminal not to tap into this vast resource to improve your knowledge and productivity in various fields.

So, if you are wondering what the smartest questions to pose before ChatGPT would be, here is a short list you can peruse to get a general idea.

ChatGPT is good with:


Basic information 

Ask GPT for general information, and you will likely be satisfied with the answer. A quick check with the language model can give the meaning of a word, the best way to reach a particular place, or how to make a fancy dish.

Breaking down concepts

Nobody can get you to understand complex concepts better than this chatbot. Get detailed and clear explanations of concepts ranging from Thermodynamics to the Metaverse by interacting with this bot.

Business and Marketing

ChatGPT has been trained to answer questions related to business and marketing. You can "brainstorm "with it to generate ideas on topics ranging from what products to develop and how to plan a successful marketing campaign to launch the product. ChatGPT works well to generate product names and create" How-to listicles " that can clarify your planning process.

Writing Emails and resumes 

Sometimes, the right words can elude you. With ChatGPT, framing the perfect work email is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Elicit the help of this bot to get an objective review of your resume or feed it prompts to help build your resume step by step.

Role play for interview preparation

All of us could do with a dry run when we plan to attend that all-important interview for our dream job. Chat GPT is your perfect interview prep partner. Give the chatbot some context, and get it to ask you relevant questions and evaluate the quality of your answers. Remember to refrain from providing confidential company-related information while doing the mock interview.


Basic coding is ChatGPT's forte. Although the language model confesses its inability to interact with code, it is always ready to assist with code-related questions and debugging. Giving ChatGPT a premise such as “I am a beginner who wants to improve my coding skills in Python can be a great conversation starter!”

Content Creation 

ChatGPT can help get you started on your writing projects and help you along if you get stuck. From giving you ideas for your next blog post to developing characters and plot points, ChatGPT's creativity is virtually unmatched! If you prompt it, it can write a soulful poem or romantic love letter!

Self-help and Improvement 

If you need great tips on managing your time, boosting productivity at work, or even handling disgruntled employees, look no further than chatGPT for sage advice. Its practical tips are insightful and compelling.

Travel Tips 

Travel planning can give you a headache. Ask Chat GPT to provide you with an itinerary for a ten-day Europe trip, and you will be amazed at how quickly it churns out an efficient itinerary that is guaranteed to simplify your life. 

Tips to Generate Great Prompts

Chatgpt is efficient if you use it intelligently. Here are four tips to help you get the most out of this generative AI tool.

  1. Provide adequate context when asking questions.
  2. Be clear and specific on what you want. Vague questions will give you vague responses. 
  3. Follow up your original query with other questions to clarify the initial answers.
  4. Use pretend- play techniques to get ChatGPT into the "right frame of mind" to answer your questions.


Chat GPT is a versatile, multifaced tool with great potential and immense capabilities. Understanding the best questions to ask ChatGPT is an excellent way to start your ChatGPT journey. Whether you want the answer to a bizarre prompt like making a horoscope or taking life lessons from it, there is no doubt that it is a knowledge powerhouse, and you will benefit significantly from it.

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