Are Midjourney Images Public? Unraveling the Mystery

December 5

Thanks to AI, Art has never been this easy but complicated at the same time. Generative AI has revolutionized AI. You can give wings to your imagination with the help of prompts and create magic within a few minutes.

Whether it is a new website, complex systems in robotics, architectural designs, or installations, there is no limit to how you can use your creativity with digital art. Artificial intelligence-generated art debuted in 2014, and since then, it has gained immense popularity. The year 2022, however, has seen generative Art at its best, thanks to Midjourney, a generative art service that aims to "expand the imaginative power of the human species."

Midjourney has brought generative art to the laptops of the average individual. But this" open" art community that runs on Discord ( a free communications application that works on text and voice chat ) has also generated a lot of questions, the chief among them being "Are Midjourney images public? "  

What are Public Images?

There is a difference between a copyrighted image and a public image. Essentially, public images don't come under copyright protection. This implies that anyone can access and use these images freely. It does not require the permission of the owner. AI-generated images have become a complex issue in copyright matters because humans do not create them. However, a tremendous amount of imagination is required on the creator's part while generating these images. This duality has resulted in a dilemma as to whether AI-generated visuals are public.  

Are Generative AI images subject to copyright? 

If you are a Midjourney user, the question "Are Midjourney Images public?" is highly relevant. Understanding the nuances of AI-generated art and copyright issues is important.

  • One section of society strongly believes that AI-generated art is mostly "derivative art," i.e., based on or derived from other artworks. Hence, the newly generated output must be considered separate or different from the original.
  • However, the US copyright office has categorically claimed that AI-generated images are NOT subjected to copyright.
  • In a landmark judgment in February 2023 involving the use of Midjourney to create Zarya of the Dawn, a graphic comic by Krish Kashtanova, the US copyright office noted that it was Midjourney that had made the images and, therefore, the artist was denied copyright registration for the images. 
  • Legal battles regarding the unrestricted use of AI-generated images have thrown up confusing terms such as "Adaptation right," ( which gives the exclusive right to make changes to the original content to the copyrighted owners, and “transformative Art “(which does not require permission from the owner)
  • Many countries follow a similar policy regarding AI-generated images and believe they do not come under copyrighted images.


Are Midjourney Images Public?

 Images generated through the Midjourney platform are considered Public. Read on to get a detailed explanation as to why the images you create on Midjourney may not be under copyright protection.

  •  Midjourney's Terms of Service use the word “royalty-free.”
  •  By its admission, Midjourney is an open community. Therefore, all users have free reign over using and remixing images created on it.
  • If you are not a paid member, the "Assets" you create are granted the Creative Commons Non-Commercial4.0 Attribution International License. 
  • You must become a paid member if you work for or own a company that makes over $1,0000,000.
  • Being a part of the "Pro" or Mega Plan it has benefits that may give you more control over the assets you create.


The bottom line is that your images are publicly accessible to all members of the Discord server that hosts Midjourney. Having said this, Midjourney has listed a host of community guidelines to make the user experience comfortable and respectful.

Subscription Plans in Midjourney 


NameBasic PlanStandard PlanPro PlanMega Plan
Annual Subscription Cost


($8 / month)


($24 / month)


($48 / month)


($96 / month)

Fast GPU Time3.3 hr/month15 hr/month30 hr/month60 hr/month
Relax GPU Time-UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Purchase Extra

GPU Time


Work Solo In Your

Direct Messages

Stealth Mode--
Maximum Concurrent Jobs

3 Jobs

10 Jobs waiting in queue

3 Jobs

10 Jobs waiting in queue

12 Fast Jobs

3 Relaxed Jobs

10 Jobs in queue

12 Fast Jobs

3 Relaxed Jobs

10 Jobs in queue

Rate Images to Earn Free GPU Time
Usage RightsGeneral Commercial Terms*General Commercial Terms*General Commercial Terms*General Commercial Terms*

Source: Midjourney Subscription Plans

Stealth Mode

Whether using the Midjourney App on the web, the private Discord server, or even the Direct Messaging options, the images you create fall in the public domain. However, the Stealth mode option, a feature of the Pro and Mega plans, can prevent other users from seeing your images. 

Perks of Using Stealth Mode in Midjourney 

Midjourney's Stealth Mode is like having a secret chamber for your art. It's a feature available in the Pro and Mega plans, offering several benefits:

Privacy for Sensitive Projects: If you're working on something confidential, like a new product design or a personal artwork, Stealth Mode ensures it stays hidden from other Midjourney users. Your ideas remain your own until you're ready to reveal them.

Freedom to Experiment: Sometimes, creativity needs a private space. Stealth Mode lets you try wild, out-of-the-box ideas without the pressure of public eyes. It's all about exploring your creativity without boundaries or fear of judgment.

Focus Without Distractions: By keeping your work private, you dodge potential distractions from the community. It helps you focus solely on your creative process, enhancing productivity and artistic flow.

Control Over Your Reveal: You decide when and how to present your work. Stealth Mode gives you control over your project's narrative, allowing you to make a splash with your art on your own terms.

Building a Portfolio in Privacy: For artists building a portfolio or collection, Stealth Mode allows the assembly of works without premature exposure, perfect for a grand reveal.


The default option on Midjourney is "Public," and public images cannot be deleted. Therefore, are Midjourney Images public is no longer the question at hand . If you use a free or standard plan, it is advisable not to share sensitive pictures or private images on Discord. Using the Stealth mode can also help you retain your privacy while using Midjourney. It is therefore prudent to find ways to safeguard yourself when using this excellent tool while generating AI art. 

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