Andrew Tate Net Worth: An Explanation of the Biggest Mystery on the Internet

December 17


If you have been active on the Internet or social media in the last three or four years, then I'm sure you must have seen Andrew Tate somewhere. After all, he is the most searched person on the Internet. Social media platforms like TikTok, where his content has been viewed more than 12.27 billion times, demonstrate that he has a very loyal and huge fanbase. In this article, we will talk about Andrew Tate Net Worth, which is the point of debate.

Introduction to Andrew Tate's Early Life and Career:


Andrew Tate, or Emory Tate Third is a former kickboxer and famous media personality who was a four-time world champion in kickboxing. He was born in Washington, D.C., on December 1, 1986. As per his website, he is from Chicago, Illinois. After the divorce of his parents, when he was just 4 or 5 years old, he moved to Luton, UK, with his mother.

Parents and siblings:

Andrew Tate's mother's name is Eileen Tate; she worked as a catering helper, and his father was an African-American chess specialist named Emory Tate. According to some sources, his father also worked for the US Air Force in Britain.

He has two siblings, Tristan and Janine. Right now, Janine is a successful lawyer and lives in Kentucky, US. His father died in 2015 while participating in the tournament.


He pursued his education at Leo Manor High School and Luton Sixth Form College in England. Because he had a very keen interest in professional kickboxing, he decided not to continue his further education.

Kickboxing Career:

Andrew Tate started training in kickboxing at the age of 19 in 2005. In terms of championships, his kickboxing career was very lucrative, as he won multiple world championships.

His achievements in his kickboxing career are:

  • IKF British Cruiserweight Champion, 84.5kg in 2009.


  • ISKA English Full Contact Light Cruiserweight Champion in 2009.


  • In 2011, he won the ISKA World Full-Contact Heavyweight Championship in the 81.5kg category.


  • He became a champion in the ISKA World Full-Contact LCC at 84.6kg in 2013.
  • Enfusion World Champion, 90kg in 2014.

In 2010, he played his only professional MMA match. When he won the British ISKA Full-Contact Cruiserweight Championship, he became the number-one fighter in his division in Europe.

In 2012, when Andrew Tate got the tag "King Cobra," he became the second-highest-rated kickboxer in the world. After his short visibility in the UFC, he retired from his kickboxing career in 2016 with 76 victories and nine losses.

While being a professional martial arts athlete, Andrew Tate also initiated his journey to make money by winning prizes and other resources.


As we discussed above, he was born in the US, and from childhood to becoming a professional kickboxer, he lived his maximum life in the UK. He maintains both US and UK nationalities.

How did Andrew Tate make money?

He made money from many businesses, crypto investments, and many other assets, his profound social media presence, where he had a huge fan base, and, of course, his kickboxing career as well (not too much from it). After leaving boxing, he tried to find ways of making money, and he operated more than 12 businesses in over 30 countries.

Some of his businesses were:

Hustlers' University:

During COVID-19, when the whole world was surfing online throughout the day, Andrew Tate founded the Hustlers' University in 2021. It was an online platform or website that offered many online courses regarding freelancing, marketing, and investing to teach its members how to make money online.

According to Andrew Tate, this business became a huge success, and he earned $8 million per month from the subscriptions. He claimed that over 136,000 students took out the subscription and paid around $44 per month for it.

Later, the website was rebranded as “The Real World.”

Webcam Business:

Andrew Tate, along with his brother Tristan, had started the webcam business with the help of their girlfriends. In this business model, women used to tell "sob stories" to men online for the sake of their attention so that they could be ready to pay fees for the platform and the models as well.

In a podcast, Andrew Tate said that, at the peak of this business, around 75 women were working for him in four different locations, making him $600,000 a month.

The War Room:

It is also a type of course by Andrew Tate, which was the most expensive course, where men learn about masculinity, how to become an alpha male, and how to “escape the matrix.”

It also faces many controversies and criticism for promoting sexism and stereotypes of masculinity, which must be a point of concern.


It is the most important part of money-making for Andrew Tate. In 2015, he started investing in cryptocurrency. According to some sources, he put approximately $4 million into this. He also invested in stocks and real estate to diversify his investment portfolio. However, it is very difficult to say the exact investment, but crypto profits play a significant role in his overall money-making.

Social Media:

Before being banned from social media in 2022 due to breaking their community guidelines, Andrew Tate had the luxury of his huge followers and social media platforms like YouTube. He also ran two YouTube channels, Tate Confidential and Tate Speech, where he had a significant number of subscribers.

Because of his huge following, he made an enormous amount of money through advertising and sponsorships. Even after being banned from social media, his fan following kept increasing because his loyal fans kept posting his videos on social media.

Car Rental Business:

According to various sources and rumors, he and his brother owned a car rental business that operated in over 20 countries.

From his expensive car models, he earned approximately $6 million per month. This company also added value to his overall net worth.

Casino Business:

Andrew and his brother Tristan had owned over 15 casinos. According to him, he earned around $1 million per month from this business. However, it's difficult to say the present conditions of his casino businesses, and it has always been under suspicion that Andrew Tate is the owner of these casino businesses.

What is the actual Andrew Tate Net Worth?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that knowing about the actual net worth of Andrew Tate would be like the eighth wonder of the world. There are many different theories about his net worth.

Some sources and publications claim that his net worth will be around $900 million in 2023, for which no concrete evidence has yet been found.

During my research, the most frequent net worth of Andrew Tate was around $350 million to $700 million. Along with this, if you have listened to Andrew Tate, he has described himself as a billionaire and even the first-ever trillionaire in the world in many of his previous videos and podcasts.

According to Tate, he made all his money through the following information:

Martial Arts Career: $500,000 +

Hustlers’ University: $5 million/month

Casino Business: $1 million/month

War Room: millions of dollars

Webcam Business: millions of dollars

Note that these are the estimated amounts that Andrew Tate has claimed.

According to his social media posts, he has more than 33 supercars, luxury mansions, private jets, private islands, luxury watches, and whatnot.

The whole story changes when the Romanian authority takes charge of Andrew Tate’s case. During the investigation period, Romanian authorities found Andrew Tate’s assets, which include:

  • 15 luxury cars with an estimated value of around $8 million (earlier estimates).


  • 14 luxury watches and real estate with an estimated value of $2 million (earlier estimates).


  • Shares in four commercial companies and 21 bitcoins, which are worth around $588,000 at market rates.


  • Cash in Euro: €52,000


  • Cash in US dollars: $17,000


  • Cash in Great British Pounds: £10,000.


According to Romanian authorities, the net worth of Andrew Tate is estimated to be $12 million.

Final Thoughts on Andrew Tate Net Worth:

As you can see, there is a difference between Andrew Tate’s claimed net worth and what the Romanian authorities have exposed. In this article, the information is taken from various news websites and also from Andrew Tate’s previous videos.

It's always been tough to demonstrate the net worth of these kinds of personalities, especially when there are no clear reference points for their earnings.

So share your opinion on this article, and if you have any further information for us, feel free to leave a comment and join the discussion.


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