Air India's New Livery, Logo, and Everything about its newly designed aircraft

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Air India shares the outlook of its first Airbus A350 with a new stylish livery (visual identity of aircraft) and a brought-up-to-date logo for rebranding the company.

After the privatization of Air India, which was acquired by Tata Group/Sons in January 2022 through its fully-owned subsidiary, Talace Private Limited, due to its poor financial condition, Air India strived for its rebranding and made some changes.

This new livery and the new logo are one of those things that Air India is looking for.

In this article, we are going to talk about Air India's new livery and logo, which has had mixed public reactions. 

What's New in Aircraft? 

The new livery has many new things, as Air India wanted to transform the brand identity to the whole next level to compete with its rivals. 

In August 2023, Tata Group's chairman, N. Chandrasekaran, and Air India's CEO and MD, Campbell Wilson, revealed the new look of its livery & logo in New Delhi. Since then, there has been lots of buzz about it in India and outside India as well. 

In October 2023, Air India revealed its first Airbus A350 with a new livery and logo. The A350 is a wide-body aircraft that is best suited for long routes. The new livery and logo of Air India is designed by FutureBrand, the brand transformation company. 

The new livery includes colors like red and white like the old one and adds gold color for royalty, as well as some shades of purple on the tail of the aircraft, which is taken from Vistara (which is set to merge with Air India somewhere between March and April 2024). 

It also includes a new gold window frame, which replaces the iconic Indian window. The gold window frame symbolizes a window of possibilities.

The new logo of Air India called The Vista is also inspired by the peak of the gold window frame, which demonstrates limitless possibilities, progressiveness, and, of course, the bold and confident appearance of Air India and its future.

Air India changed the font of the word "Air India" to Air India Sans, eliminated the Hindi translation of Air India, and added the word "Air India" to the belly of the aircraft, which looks very classy and bold.

The famous Maharaja Mascot is missing in the new livery, but the officials of Air India said that they are not going to retire "The Maharaja Mascot" at all but change its role in the future.

The Maharaja Mascot will live on, but some other services in Air India, As of now there is no official information about the exact role of the Maharaja.

The new livery also includes a chakra-inspired pattern on the tail of the aircraft that depicts harmony, unity, and balance in Indian culture.

Overall, the new livery tries to maintain a solid combination of traditional and modern design. The combination of deep red, white, and gold frames with a touch of purple color makes the new look of the aircraft more attractive, especially the tail part of the aircraft.

When will Air India be available with a new livery and logo for passengers? 

This is a part of that big order that was given by Air India to Airbus & Boeing in February 2023, which includes 470 aircraft worth $70 billion. It all depends on this order and when it starts getting delivered. 

According to Air India, its first A350 will be the aircraft that wears the new livery and logo for the very first time, scheduled to be in December 2023.

However, it's important to understand that Air India has many aircraft. It would take time to bring this new livery and logo to all those aircraft. 

Hopefully, we shall see the A350 in the newly updated livery in December 2023, as per Air India's information. 

What are people saying about the new livery and logo of Air India? 

It has gotten mixed reactions from the public, as some people are praising the efforts of Air India, which includes the rebranding of the company. 

On the other hand, 

Some people are heavily criticizing Air India for removing the Hindi translation of the word "Air India", and for eliminating the famous Maharaja Mascot's old role in Air India.

This is a very subjective thing to react to the same event, as everyone has their school of thought, likes, and dislikes.

What are your thoughts on it?

Wrapping up: Air India's new livery and logo

So there you have it. Air India's new livery and logo look classy and modern. With this new aircraft, Air India offers a modern and visually appealing experience for passengers. 

With these modern features, the carrier did not avoid its rich history, as it maintained its deep-rooted tradition that sets benchmarks for Indian hospitality across the globe.

So this is the end of the article. Let us know how much you like or dislike this new livery and logo for Air India.

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